The most-watched video game on YouTube has more than 2 million views

In a video that has received more than 6.4 million views, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” stars Link as a young boy who lives in a fairy-tale world.He is saved by a fairy princess who asks him to help her fight the evil Ganon.This video, however, has not been updated since April…

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In a video that has received more than 6.4 million views, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” stars Link as a young boy who lives in a fairy-tale world.

He is saved by a fairy princess who asks him to help her fight the evil Ganon.

This video, however, has not been updated since April 2018.

In the video, Link is shown walking through a castle filled with colorful fairy princesses who offer him an enchanted hat that gives him special powers.

In this video, the hat, called the “Breath of the Heart,” appears to be Link’s normal hat that has not had any upgrades.

Instead, the Breath of Heart has become a special one-of-a-kind hat that can only be bought from the fairy-themed shop in the game.

This hat is not only special, but also an item that can be bought for real money in the shop, which can be found in the fairy world of Hyrule.

This item, called “the Heart,” can be used to restore Link’s health and stamina, as well as to heal his wounds.

The game has also made some changes to the graphics, such as removing certain areas of the castle, adding new areas, and moving some of the bosses and bosses’ animations.

However, the changes that have been made to the game have been small and minor.

The only changes that appear to be made are the inclusion of a few new items, such a “breath of life” potion, which heals Link for 150 HP.

In addition, the game has introduced a new fairy world in which Link can collect fairy rings that can boost his stats, such that he can become stronger and better at his job as a hunter and hunter-killer.

As such, many people have taken to the website of the official Breath of Wild subreddit to report their problems with the game, and they have posted their complaints.

As the subreddit continues to receive complaints about the game’s graphics, the subreddit has received over 100,000 comments, with the most popular comments coming from users who claim they had problems with game glitches and glitches that caused the game to freeze.

Many users also reported that the game would occasionally crash or would not load after loading a saved game.

Many people have reported that they had to restart their game, or that they would be unable to save a game or load a save.

Many others have posted complaints about glitches that have occurred in the video game.

In one post, user @nashnash posted: After starting up the game and then going into the first level I couldn’t save because of a bad connection and a game crash.

I restarted the game on a different machine and it works fine, but I still have the game crash after loading my first save.

I was able to save it in the first save, but the game still crashed when I loaded the second save, and the game crashes on the second load.

I just want to say that the problem is a little more than the graphics.

It is the gameplay that breaks the game down.

It’s just too much to take in.

Some people have complained about the use of “skins,” or virtual skins that resemble real-world animals, in Breath of The Wild.

The user @bob_wilson_ posted: I’ve heard of people who have had problems using this as a skin in game.

It doesn’t feel like a real animal, and I can’t see a reason to use it.

It wasnt supposed to be real, so why would it have a real person’s face and face textures?

It’s like the characters in the original series were just supposed to look like real animals.

Some users have claimed that the only way to save and load a game in Breath Of The Wild is by playing the game in a “save” game mode.

In that mode, the player is forced to start over from the very beginning of the game by clicking on the save button and entering a code into the game at the very start of the level.

This game mode has also been criticized for having glitches, as users have reported numerous crashes in the Save and Load game modes.

In some cases, the user had to manually enter their own codes to save their game.

Others have reported having a game freeze while they were playing the save game.

Other users have alleged that some characters in Breath would only spawn on certain areas, or only appear in certain places.

Some have even said that the animations of certain characters would only appear on certain parts of the map.

This glitch is so frustrating that I actually had to reload my save just to get them to spawn on a specific area.

It feels like there is no way for me to progress in the story.

The users have also posted that they have encountered many graphical glitches in the gameplay.

One user, @trav

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